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RRT aims to deliver a smart, safe, reliable and consistent public transport service to the people of Rustenburg through hard work, passion, enthusiasm and a genuine care for the needs of people


Rustenburg is one of the fastest growing cities in South Africa and is taking the lead as a smart African city.The Rustenburg Rapid Transport project is due for launch in 2017 and will provide world-class service to the residents of the Rustenburg City and surrounding areas, through an integrated transport network that will include Bus Rapid Transport trunk corridors, direct routes and feeder routes.

The complete integrated public transport system comprises four phases and aims to cover 80% of the Municipality’s catchment area. These routes will link with a wider network of bus and taxi routes across the district to ensure that everyone has access to fast, reliable, safe and affordable transport within easy walking distance from their homes, places of work and recreation, and public facilities such as schools and hospitals.

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The Rustenburg Rapid Transport project in focus:

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A quick glance into the Rustenburg Rapid Transport project events in chronological order. This is also described as a project artefact.

Reach your destination sure and safe with Yarona™

Without affordable, safe and reliable public transport our lives are empty. Yarona™ our rapid transport system is poised to infuse renewed hope and belief in the seamless movement of people and goods around our City. It also reignites belief in the endless possibilities of economic benefit and job opportunities flowing from a reliable transport system.

When we joined the rest of South Africa in commemorating October Transport Month (OTM), we took the opportunity to showcase progress achieved in the implementation of Yarona™.

The 2016 theme of OTM was: “Together We Are Moving South Africa Forward.” Indeed, it resonates very well with what we seek to achieve through Yarona™. Rustenburg Local Municipality has resolved to move one up and dedicate OTM 2016 to issues around improving road safety through Yarona™.

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    As another year comes to a close and the festive season is well upon us, we have an opportunity, once again, to reflect on the year gone by. It is gratifying to note that we fold an eventful 2016 with a sense of achievement in so far as our mandate to deliver world-class services to our people is concerned.

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    Newsletter – December 2016 Edition

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The routes provide services to all the existing mines and shafts and the actual services and times will be determined in consultation with the mines. There may need to be some subsidising of off-peak services by the mining companies to make the route financially viable in some cases.

Job numbers on the RRT construction programme continue to grow and since the start of the project construction in mid 2012 and a total of 926 jobs have been created on the infrastructure programme as of the end of August 2014.

Taxi and Bus services will continue to operate as normally as possible with some minor route deviations around the construction zones. Only once the system launches, will certain taxi and bus routes be taken off the roads in phases to ensure the people are not inconvenienced.

The zonal fare system will need to be properly communicated through a dedicated education campaign.  The system will be cashless from day 1 and use a bank approved “pay-as-you-go” card.  Users will need to buy a card, and then load this with money to use the system.  Wherever they go, a “tap on- tap-off” routine and habit needs to be developed. The price of the fare still needs to be modeled according to financial viability and the likelihood of securing subsidies –  but the principles are that the fares will be affordable and in-line with current fares with concessions for young children (under 5) and elderly be factored into the business model.

Route planning is complete, but the phasing and financial viability of routes and negotiation with the Taxi Industry will all influence the finalization of the routes – so we do expect some changes but these should be minor.

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Over sixty busses and 44000 passengers moving between 15 bus stations and 420 bus stops across the city, we are sure to deliver you safe and sound on any day.

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